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    35th APCCA 2015


    The following Agenda Items were discussed during the 35th APCCA in Thailand.

    Agenda Item 1: Challenges and Initiatives in Corrections

    Agenda Item 2: Female Offenders in prison and in the community (including the Bangkok Rules)

    Agenda Item 3: Technology as a tool for delivering safe, effective and efficient correctional services

    Agenda Item 4 : Managing offenders with special needs who pose specific challenges 

    Agenda Item 5 : Opportunities for regional and international collaboration and learning


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    34th APCCA 2014


    The following Agenda Items were discussed during the 34th APCCA in Canada.

    Agenda Item 1: National Reports on Challenges and Initiatives in Corrections

    Agenda Item 2: Looking to the Future: How Can Correctional Services Departments Achieve Efficiencies and Public Safety Outcomes by 2020

    Agenda Item 3: Training, Motivating and Developing Staff for their Changing Roles

    Agenda Item 4 : Taking Account of Age: Meeting the Challenges Posed by: (i) Young Offenders; or (ii) Offenders Who Are Aged or Infirm

    Agenda Item 5 : Managing the Release of Prisoners and Engaging the Community: Options such as Pre-release Centres, Open Prisons. Home Detention and Aftercare


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    33rd APCCA 2013


    The following Agenda Items were discussed during the 33rd APCCA in India.

    Agenda Item 1: Challenges and Initiatives in Corrections

    Agenda Item 2: Organizational Culture: Promoting Shared Positive Values and Integrity

    Agenda Item 3: Meeting the Challenges Posed by High Risk Offenders

    Agenda Item 4 : Alternatives to Imprisonment: Opportunities and Challenges in Developing Community-based Supervision and Management

    Agenda Item 5 : Measuring and Reducing Recidivism Rates: Assessing What Works, Setting Targets, and Implementing Evidence-Based Programs


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    APCCA Statistics



    32nd APCCA 2012


    The following Agenda Items were discussed during the 32nd APCCA in Brunei.

    Agenda Item 1 - Challenges and Initiatives in Corrections

    Agenda Item 2 - Sharing and Adaptability of Best Practices in Correctional Administration including Executive level Training and Succession Planning

    Agenda Item 3 - Promoting staff-offender interaction in prison and in the community whilst ensuring staff safety

    Agenda Item 4 - Challenges and Opportunities in the Management and Reintegration of Prisoners serving long sentences

    Agenda Item 5 - Women in corrections as Offenders,Officers & Other Staff

    Specialist Presentations - Roles & Activities of UNAFEI, Women & Child Abuse in Brunei Darussalam


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    World Prison Population Stats


    The World Prison Population List is kindly contributed by Mr Roy Walmsley, who is an honorary consultant to the United Nations and an Associate of the International Centre for Prison Studies (ICPS), King's College, London.The World Prison Population List gives details of the number of prisoners held in some 214 independent countries and dependent territories. It shows the differences in the level of imprisonment across the world and makes possible an estimate of the world prison population total.


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